Natural Gas vs. Diesel: How It All Adds Up


Would you spend $30,000 once to save $27,000 annually? That’s a question fleet owners will have to answer. A news item in a national transportation trade magazine published more than two years ago remarked that indicators at the time pointed … CONTINUE READING

5 Habits of Highly Successful Accounts Payable Departments [Video]


Best-in-class accounts payable departments essentially put their AP on autopilot. Here’s how. Companies often get bogged down by doing things the same old way, even when that old way is inefficient and costly. You need to be willing to let … CONTINUE READING

New Technology Diminishes the “Breakdown Blues”


AmeriQuest Road Rescue fleet breakdown service uses technology to take the guesswork out of breakdowns. Vehicle breakdowns are inevitable, regardless of how well a fleet is maintained. When it occurs, it can delay deliveries and create conflict with customers. This … CONTINUE READING

MasterCard CEO Acknowledges that Credit Cards’ Major Competitor is Cash


Ajay Banga calls cash “the dirtiest secret of the modern economy” in a speech at the Wharton Leadership Conference. As a company that provides financial technology solutions to a wide variety of enterprises, our passion is in finding ways to … CONTINUE READING

Do You Know What Your Fleet is Really Costing You? [Video]


A new video makes clear that holding onto your older assets for a longer period of time may not be a smart business move. Replacing vehicles is a huge expenditure, and the answer to that has often been to hold … CONTINUE READING

Supply Chain Logistics in the Age of Big Data


A 2014 study finds that, although supply chains could certainly benefit from Big Data, adoption is lagging. Research firm Gartner defines Big Data as “high volume, -velocity and –variety information assets that demand cost-effective, innovative forms of information processing for … CONTINUE READING

What’s Behind the Jump in Fleet Failures?


For some struggling fleets, re-engineering a fleet’s entire operation might be what’s needed to avoid a worst case scenario. The headlines in the trucking trades seem contradictory, with some confirming that trucking capacity is indeed tight right now, while others … CONTINUE READING

Why a Fleet Analysis is Crucial before Replacing Older Vehicles with New


With rising freight rates, fleets are finally replacing older tractors. Using planning and technology, fleets can potentially save up to 20% on operating costs. Reports in the trade and business media are repeating the same good news for the trucking … CONTINUE READING

Could Twin 33-Foot Trailers be in Your Fleet’s Future?


With predictions of freight demand doubling in a 25-year span, fleet owners should stay alert to changes the largest fleets hope to make to accommodate the growth. It’s been widely reported that LTL carrier FedEx Freight is seeking government approval … CONTINUE READING