Finance Professionals Need to Perfect New Skill Sets


A new survey finds that, as finance professionals take on more roles and responsibility, they also need to polish up their communication and relationship-building skills. Last week, we posted a blog that dealt with the changing role of finance due to new complexities … CONTINUE READING

How to Get Your Drivers in It for the “Long Haul”


The driver shortage is one of the biggest problems the industry perpetually faces. Here’s a few tips on what to do to recruit and retain quality drivers. Right before the July 4th holiday, the Detroit Free Press ran an article on the tightening … CONTINUE READING

Your AP Automation Solution May Not Really Automate All Your Processes


Unless you’re using a true accounts payable workflow automation solution, you’re not getting the benefits you need. This article originally appeared on the Corcentric blog. When we talk with prospective customers or with AP trade show attendees, they’ll often tell us … CONTINUE READING

Regulations, Not Economic Factors, Undercutting Fleets’ Bottom Line


The proliferation of government regulations will lead to diminished driver pools and decreased productivity, expert says. Government regulations in the trucking industry will be forcing many drivers off the road, while fleets – and ultimately the consumer – will end … CONTINUE READING

Capacity Crunch Getting Shippers to Take Second (or First) Look at Dedicated Carriage


With freight rates rising, shippers are considering dedicated contract carriage as an option that may control costs and improve service. In a recent opinion column appearing in a national transportation trade magazine, I suggested that now may be the right … CONTINUE READING

One ‘90’s Action Star, Two 18-Wheelers, Leads to “Epic” Results


The incredible success of Volvo Trucks’ “Epic Split” ad shows how creative marketing can make anything awesome and not break the bank. Those of us in marketing know that every product or service has an important story to tell. You … CONTINUE READING

Privacy in the Cab May Become a Thing of the Past


Study says that video cameras in truck cabs could cut fatalities by 20%, but not everyone agrees. To paraphrase a well-known statement, just because you’re paranoid doesn’t mean people aren’t watching you. Cameras are everywhere. Don’t believe it? In 2011, … CONTINUE READING

Coming Clean on the Cost of “Greener” Trucks


New truck technology is great for the environment, but tough on businesses, large and small. No one disputes the fact that fuel efficiency and clean air are goals much to be desired. But, as in everything desirable, there’s a cost … CONTINUE READING