A Big “Shift” Is Coming for Truck Transmissions


Daimer Trucks North America feeling bullish about the move to automated manual transmissions. Whether it’s due to the need for better fuel efficiency or the dearth of younger drivers with experience driving a vehicle with manual transmission, the shift to … CONTINUE READING

Finding a Solution to Distracted Driving


Study after study is finding that operators of every mode of transportation – trucks, cars, even planes, trains and ships – are being dangerously distracted by technology. When the American Transportation Research Institute (ATRI) announced the findings of its annual … CONTINUE READING

David, Meet Goliath…the Benefits of Group Purchasing Organizations (GPO)


You may not be one of the “big boys” in your industry, but membership in a buying group, as part of your supply chain strategy, can definitely improve your stature. You can add to the old ‘safety in numbers’ adage, … CONTINUE READING

Safety First…Truck Drivers Safer Than Car Drivers


A new national poll, conducted for the American Trucking Association (ATA), contains some interesting statistics. A national poll, conducted late last month, measured people’s opinions on a number of issues that are of special significance to our industry. One of … CONTINUE READING

The Role Trucking Plays in the Economy [INFOGRAPHIC]


The American Trucking Associations (ATA) recently released multiple infographics that show just how huge a role the trucking industry plays in the American economy. f the infographic isn’t enough to convince you that the economy is dependent, to a great … CONTINUE READING

When Tapping into Technology Leads to Growing Profits


As resistance to trucking technology steadily fades away, more fleets are discovering the profit-making benefits it can deliver. While there will always be those who are stubbornly resistant to change, I think the trucking industry as a whole has come … CONTINUE READING

Early Pay Discounts Really Pay Off for Companies in the Long Run


If you think paying your suppliers as late as possible is a smart business move, you’re not looking at the big picture. This blog originally appeared on the Corcentric Website. Conventional wisdom used to be “instead of worrying about early-payment … CONTINUE READING

The Push to Minimize Paper in Accounts Payable


The latest PayStream Advisors e-invoicing benchmark report shows that, although paper still dominates when it comes to invoices submission forms, the tide is definitely changing. As more and more companies begin to automate their AP departments, certain things become clear. … CONTINUE READING

5 Disruptive Trends that Could Affect Your Business


Are you poised to be the cell phone or landline of your industry? A Wall Street Journal article points to the biggest trends that will disrupt business as usual. Disruptive innovation…business disruption…you hear or read about these terms constantly: in … CONTINUE READING