Demand-driven Supply Chain Presents New Challenges to Trucking Industry


Trucking company owners who are willing to re-configure their fleets to capitalize on the evolving demand-driven supply chain may be the ones who come out on top as consumer habits change. Increasingly, the empowered consumer dictates not only from what … CONTINUE READING

Can Big Data Be Too Big?


A recent article in tackles the issue of fuel data and its impact on business decisions. When it comes to data, how much is too much? If you can mine the data and use it effectively to make your … CONTINUE READING

Healthy Drivers Make the Right Choices


What are the changes and choices that truck drivers are making to improve their health? Last week, we posted an update on the health of truck drivers. What was clear is that the unhealthy lifestyle choices made by over-the-road drivers … CONTINUE READING

Driver Health Redux


Last year, we posted about the sad state of health for truck drivers. Now there’s new information…and it’s not very impressive. A new study by the National Institute of Occupational Safety and Health indicates that long-haul drivers still are significantly … CONTINUE READING

The Future Belongs to Those Who Are Fast


Futurist Jim Carroll gives AmeriQuest Symposium attendees a sharp dose of reality regarding the future. Many speakers at the 2014 Symposium spoke about connectivity; how we’re all connected by technology and how those connections seem to grow faster and faster. … CONTINUE READING

Outsourcing: A Proven Concept for Fleet Managers

Each company will have its own views as to what and how many services to outsource; but three of the main service categories that fleet owners look at are: Supply Management Managed Services Financial Process Automation Regardless of what you … CONTINUE READING

Where Can Fleets Find Cost Savings? Right in Their Own Data


Fleets can increase their operational efficiency and realize cost savings by delving into the data. Big data…big data…big data; it seems as though that’s a main topic of discussion in business circles. But knowing how to use that data to … CONTINUE READING

Good-bye Snow, Hello Potholes!


This winter’s weather has left behind lots of unpleasant memories: treacherous traffic jams, icy roads, downed wires and now…a plethora of potholes. It happens every year as winter wanes. The damage caused by snow and salt melting into cracked asphalt … CONTINUE READING