Top 5 Reasons People Resist Change (and what you can do about it)


Resistance to change is normal and predictable. Knowing what’s behind the resistance and preparing a plan of action before making the change leads to a better outcome. Making a change in an established process within any organization is often met … CONTINUE READING

7 Ways to Show You’re Serious about Going Digital


If you have any doubt that having a digital presence is vital, realize that this past Christmas saw an increase of 15% (17% if you add in mobile devices) in sales vs. 2013. According to, that amounted to approximately … CONTINUE READING

Big Data Has Been a Bonus to Trucking Fleets

1-15-15 - Diagnostics-Data-Road-Rescue-thumb

From invoices to vehicle breakdown reports, data is being generated and analyzed by today’s most successful trucking companies to optimize fleet operations. While there is much to be said about the positive value of the sophisticated diagnostic systems that are … CONTINUE READING

10 Top Workplace Trends for 2015


Times are changing; so are the workers. See what Forbes has to say about demographics and other factors impacting the workplace. Each year, author Dan Schawbel makes his top ten workplace trend predictions for the coming year for Forbes magazine. … CONTINUE READING

How to Choose the Right Indirect Procurement Solution for Your Business – Part 1


Procurement professionals within mid-sized companies may be aware that they are devoting a disproportionate amount of resources to the procurement of non-strategic supplies and services – but are unsure of how to tackle the problem.  This blog – first in … CONTINUE READING

The Top 10 Trucking Headlines for 2014

1-6-15---The-Top-10-Trucking-Headlines-for-2014-thumb lists the Top 10 stories for 2014 and the issue that gets the most play should come as no surprise It’s been a year of highs and lows for the trucking industry. Back in January of 2014, no one … CONTINUE READING

So How Much Would the ‘12 Days of Christmas’ Really Cost?


We’re not sure who on your Christmas list would want a partridge in a pear tree, but if they did, here’s what it…and every other item…in this famous Christmas carol would cost. According to the 31st annual PNC Wealth Management Christmas … CONTINUE READING

Debunking the Alternative Fuel Myths


There are so many warnings about alternative fuels, how do you know what to believe? We’ll give you the myths about four alternative fuels…and then a dose of reality. In the last decade, heavy truck emissions have been reduced some … CONTINUE READING