Is Your Company’s Indirect Spend Costing Too Much?


Mid-sized companies now have an option that will enable them to save time and money on the procurement of non-strategic operational expenditures. While procurement activities have been undergoing a major evolution within some of the world’s largest corporations, for most … CONTINUE READING

On This Veterans Day, We Want to Say “Thank You”


In 1919, Armistice Day, now known as Veterans Day, was created to honor those who fought in World War I, known as the War to End All Wars.” But that wasn’t the end of war, and whether in actual conflict … CONTINUE READING

It’s a Numbers Game for the Mid-Market, and the Numbers Say Tech is Winning


Technology is becoming the great equalizer for mid-market companies. See what they say about the push for tech, according to a recent Deloitte survey. Earlier this week, we reported on the findings of a Deloitte report, “Technology in the mid-market: … CONTINUE READING

Mid-Market Companies Betting Big on Technology


Spending on technology is on the rise in the mid-market, according to a recent Deloitte survey. For the last decade or two, mid-market companies have viewed technology warily, acknowledging the necessity for investment in order to keep up, but, in … CONTINUE READING

A Big “Shift” Is Coming for Truck Transmissions


Daimer Trucks North America feeling bullish about the move to automated manual transmissions. Whether it’s due to the need for better fuel efficiency or the dearth of younger drivers with experience driving a vehicle with manual transmission, the shift to … CONTINUE READING

Finding a Solution to Distracted Driving


Study after study is finding that operators of every mode of transportation – trucks, cars, even planes, trains and ships – are being dangerously distracted by technology. When the American Transportation Research Institute (ATRI) announced the findings of its annual … CONTINUE READING

David, Meet Goliath…the Benefits of Group Purchasing Organizations (GPO)


You may not be one of the “big boys” in your industry, but membership in a buying group, as part of your supply chain strategy, can definitely improve your stature. You can add to the old ‘safety in numbers’ adage, … CONTINUE READING