7 Steps CFOs Can Take to Face Constant Changes in Technology

By June 4, 2015Technology
CFO Technology Changes

Technology is changing at a faster pace than ever before. A survey of CFOs finds that keeping up with those changes is one of the biggest challenges.

A recent article in CGMA Magazine discussed the results of a new Robert Half Management Resources survey of 2,200 CFOs. When asked what the greatest source of pressure was on the accounting and finance functions, 41% said that “keeping pace with changing technology” had the greatest impact. From ERP applications to accounts payable and receivable automation solutions to data-mining tools, the CFO is involved in some way with all of them. And the constantly changing nature of these technologies is a source of constant concern.

Citing Paul McDonald, senior executive director for Robert Half, and James C. Bourke, CPA/CITP/CFF, a partner in a large CPA firm, Jeff Drew, Senior Editor at CGMA Magazine came up with seven tips that would enable CFOs to keep up with these constant changes in technology:

  1. Hire financial staff with strong technology knowledge.
  2. Interact with in-house IT staff and/or outside consultants who are trusted technology experts.
  3. Attend conferences featuring sessions on current and emerging technologies.
  4. Set up RSS feeds with specific technologies as keywords.
  5. Join and become active in technology user groups.
  6. Collaborate with other CFOs at companies that use the same technologies.
  7. Meet with fellow CFOs to discuss technology issues.

To see the tips in detail, read the full article.

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