Can Big Data Be Too Big?

Big Data Too Big

A recent article in tackles the issue of fuel data and its impact on business decisions.

When it comes to data, how much is too much? If you can mine the data and use it effectively to make your company more competitive, then that question is unnecessary. However, many companies aren’t sure how to leverage the information they gather, and that’s when big data becomes just that…big data…and nothing more. Companies first need to know what questions they need answers to or what business problems they are looking to solve. The more specific, the better the results will be.

An article by Howard Abrams, “Does More Fuel Data Make You Smarter?” which appeared on earlier this year, deals with the usability and usefulness of collected data when looking at fuel costs and efficiency. He talks about the absolute necessity of having the analytical resources available to make sense of all the data collected. He points out how effectively using the data generated can drive substantial savings to the company’s bottom line.

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