Cost Reduction Not the Only Reason SaaS Adoption Is Growing

By June 2, 2015News, Technology

A Gartner survey found that who you are may influence why you choose to implement a SaaS solution.

SaaS adoption has been growing consistently, year over year, as more companies become comfortable with the concept. Late last year, Gartner issued a press release regarding its 2014 survey on enterprise cloud adoption plans through 2017. This survey examined organizations’ adoption and deployment of cloud services across SaaS, Iaas, and PaaS. One notable finding, according to Joanne Correia, research Vice President at Gartner, “We’ve seen a real transition from use cases in previous surveys where early SaaS adoption focused on smaller pilot projects. Today, the projects are mission-critical and production grade. This is an affirmation that more businesses are comfortable with cloud deployments beyond the front office running sales force automation (SFA) and e-mail.”1

Also interesting are the main reasons given for investing in SaaS. Those reasons vary depending on the role of the respondent. Although overall cost reduction was still dominant as a main reason for 44% of the respondents, when it comes to rating that response by role, more junior IT staff rated this reason the highest. Senior executives, although still considering “cost reduction” a key benefit, did so at a lower rate than IT staff. Once you move up in the company hierarchy, innovation and operational agility, and business advantage become additional top drivers.

This correlates to the emphasis on simplification, streamlining, and strategic analytics that has taken place when it comes to the implementation of Accounts Payable automation. Although an initial push to transition the AP department to automation comes from the benefits of cost reduction and the elimination of paper in the workplace, more companies are placing a higher emphasis on the efficiencies and reporting analytics they realize from a workflow automation solution.  When it comes to a cloud-based, SaaS AP automation solution, there is the additional advantage of a minimal need for IT support, an important benefit when one considers that Accounts Payable must compete with departments higher in the hierarchy when it comes to accessing IT time and resources.

So whether it’s the low cost of deployment (no hardware or software expenditures needed), the resulting efficiencies, the increase in speed and accuracy, or the business intelligence resulting from the analytics components in these SaaS solutions, it’s more likely than not that we’ll see an increasing move to SaaS solutions from companies of all sizes.

Learn more about the benefits of deploying a SaaS solution to automate your AP department.

This blog first appeared on the Corcentric Website. Newsroom,”Gartner Survey Reveals That SaaS Deployment Are Now Mission Critical,” November 25, 2014.


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