Dot Transportation Simplifies Operations with AmeriQuest

Dot Transportation

Over 100,000 products, a coast-to-coast supply chain, and a need to maintain operational consistency while reducing costs. Seems like a tall order…but one that’s filled constantly.

Dot Transportation, Inc. is the transportation arm of Dot Foods, the largest food redistribution company in the U.S. Not bad for a company that started with a station wagon, two rented trucks, and big dreams. But that kind of growth raises a number of operational and cost challenges that need to be answered to ensure profitability.

For twelve years, Dot Transportation, Inc. has looked to AmeriQuest Business Services to help overcome those challenges in three specific areas: product selection, supplier management, and financial process automation.

To see how AmeriQuest’s tailored solutions have contributed to the company’s continued growth and expansion, read the case study.


Bill McCouch

About Bill McCouch

Bill McCouch is Senior Vice President of Procurement Services, for AmeriQuest Transportation Services, with more than 30 years of transportation industry experience. In his current role, he leads the procurement sales force and is responsible for the growth in the private fleet and carrier sectors.

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