Emily Gimpel Advances to the Final Stage of the LPGA Qualifying School

Emily Gimpel Symetra Boston 2015

In September, we introduced you to Emily Gimpel, young touring golfer on the LPGA’s Symetra Tour. Emily relates what her days in training and competition are like in this, her blog for AmeriQuest.

Hello again! Thanks for checking in. Now that you know more about me, I thought I would give you all some insight into my life as a professional golfer.

A typical day consists of an early workout followed by a full day (eight hours) of golf practice. I like to vary my workout schedule- three days per week of golf-specific weightlifting mixed with speed, agility, and power exercises; two days per week of running; and yoga at least once a week for flexibility! At the golf course, I split my time between short game practice, full swing, and playing holes.

This year I competed on the LPGA’s Developmental Tour, the Symetra Tour. I have competed in over 20 different cities and have put about 30,000 miles on my car. I have learned to be prepared for any situation—I think a person might realistically be able to live in my car for weeks and have enough clothes, food, and water! I have become accustomed to life in and out of different hotels and homes with different host families every week. Special thanks to the many generous old and new friends who have opened up their homes for me! This year has been such a gift, getting to travel and see so many beautiful parts of the country and to meet so many wonderful people.

Competing in women’s golf tournaments at such a high level has been exhilarating! Each week, I typically arrive at the new site on Monday, and try to play a few practice rounds over the following days to learn the course. I also keep up with my short game and ball-striking practice, so these can be some long days. Wednesdays are Pro-Am days where we get to meet and play with sponsors and supporters of each tournament. Meeting so many tournament volunteers, sponsors, and new friends is one of my favorite parts of the job!

Thursday or Friday (depending on the week) is go time! The tournament is starting and it is time to have some fun! There is no better feeling than to get to test myself at such a very high level every week. I love competing and watching my hard work pay off. Although this is not always the case, I love the challenge the game of golf gives me each day, and I relish being able to constantly improve.

Last week, I had my biggest competitive week of the year thus far: Stage II (out of III) of LPGA Tour Qualifying School (“Q School”). Last year I reached this stage and finished in the middle of the pack, earning status on the Symetra Tour. This year I was exempt from Stage I into Stage II due to my play on the Symetra Tour. At Stage II I was able to finish in the top 80 after four rounds to advance to the Final Stage of LPGA Qualifying School in December! This was an awesome week as I had my dad caddying for me. We had so much fun and made lasting memories. My finish qualified me for full Symetra Tour status for 2016, as well a spot in the Final Stage III of Q School and a chance to receive my LPGA Tour Card next month. Please wish me luck and keep me in your prayers as I continue on this journey.

The support and sponsorship I have received from many wonderful people, including those at AmeriQuest Business Services, have made my success this year possible! The people at AmeriQuest have helped to make my dream of playing professional golf a reality. I am so grateful for our relationship and I am so excited for the future of my career with AmeriQuest!

Look for Emily’s next blog after her December competition concludes. Good luck, Emily!

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