Do You Know What Your Fleet is Really Costing You? [Video]

A new video makes clear that holding onto your older assets for a longer period of time may not be a smart business move.

Replacing vehicles is a huge expenditure, and the answer to that has often been to hold onto those assets as long as possible. With new fuel-efficient vehicles costing significantly more than prior models that might sound as though it’s the right move. The problem is…just looking at the purchasing price or lease cost can be deceptive. It’s essential that fleet owners and operators know the total cost of ownership of their fleet.

A new video from AmeriQuest Business Services’ Fleet Consulting group shows just what you might be missing when you’re only looking at one component…the truck. Instead, see how much in savings you might be losing.

Patrick Moynahan

About Patrick Moynahan

Patrick Moynahan is Marketing Director for AmeriQuest Business Services and oversees marketing for AmeriQuest and its additional brands.

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