Managed Maintenance Can Help Increase Fleet Productivity


You need to keep your fleet running to deliver your product to market. You also need to control costs. A managed maintenance solution can help you do both.

If you’re a manufacturer, a retailer, or a distributor, getting your product to its final destination is vital to your company. However, if you fall under any of the three business types above, transportation probably isn’t your core business. Assess how much time, staff, and money are allocated to keeping your product moving and start considering how you can keep those costs under control without negatively impacting your enterprise. One of your options could be managed maintenance.

Whether you own or lease your trucks, they need to be maintained in good operating condition, not just to guarantee delivery, but also to comply with all of the ongoing rules and regulations coming out of Washington. Keeping your own technicians and on-site facilities can be both costly and unnecessary. Instead, you might want to contract with a managed maintenance service provider…one that allows you to pay only for what you use. How does that differ from full-service leasing which includes maintenance as part of the lease? With a full-service lease, you get maintenance that you might not need instead of the maintenance you actually want, and you pay for services that you may never utilize. Your full service lease might include ten washes per vehicle per year; but you only wash your vehicles five times per year. On the other hand, you may want air pressure checks for all of your truck and trailer tires every week, but your contract only covers checks once a month. With managed maintenance, you choose your maintenance based on your specific fleet needs report.

You should consider a managed maintenance service, or MMS, that is responsive to both the age and size of your fleet; one that provides both variable cost (for newer fleets) and fixed cost (older fleets) options. The MMS program that we offer at AmeriQuest Transportation Services does exactly this, and quite a bit more. In addition to preventive maintenance, DOT compliance, and scheduled repairs, customers also get 24/7 breakdown/roadside assistance and support, PM and VMRS reporting, and 24/7 online access to all maintenance records. This full visibility into maintenance costs would include KPIs, dashboards, and accurate top-line reporting; all of which enable companies to get a real-time view into their month over month spend. And that knowledge will enable companies to better plan fleet usage on a vehicle by vehicle basis. With managed maintenance, you get all the benefits of an on-site full maintenance facility without the substantial costs that would entail.

There’s one very unique difference between our MMS offering and others. Customers who sign on with AmeriQuest are able to realize significant savings on tires, parts, and supplies by leveraging the buying power and vendor relationships that AmeriQuest has established over the years. So not only can you save on maintenance services, you also save on supplies. Taking care of your fleet is an essential part of taking care of your business; however it’s the one aspect of your business that may be better served by a third party.

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