Metrics Make the Difference When It Comes to Fleet Efficiency

By March 31, 2015News

Delve into the data on your driver behavior vehicle maintenance and learn how much you can save.

Teletrac, a market-leading fleet management solution provider in GPS fleet tracking and telematics, has published a whitepaper detailing the financial benefits of measuring driver and vehicle behavior. The results are eye-opening; by tracking these metrics, you can:

  • Boost service delivery/revenue by 11%
  • Increase customer satisfaction by 11%
  • Improve fuel economy by 30%

And more!

Fleets of all sizes can get significant savings when they discover how to dive into data.

Find out what you can save by downloading Teletrac’s whitepaper, “The Impact of Measuring Driver and Vehicle Behavior.”

Patrick Moynahan

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Patrick Moynahan is Marketing Director for AmeriQuest Business Services and oversees marketing for AmeriQuest and its additional brands.

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