It’s a Numbers Game for the Mid-Market, and the Numbers Say Tech is Winning

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Technology is becoming the great equalizer for mid-market companies. See what they say about the push for tech, according to a recent Deloitte survey.

Earlier this week, we reported on the findings of a Deloitte report, “Technology in the mid-market: Perspectives and priorities.” The report tracked the change in attitudes towards technology among mid-size companies and their willingness to increase spend in that area. There were some significant results to share:

  • When asked to describe the role of executive leadership in the organization regarding emerging and next-generation technologies, which included cloud, mobile, and social, 69% indicated that their executives were either leading the initiatives or were actively engaged. Less than 2% identified their executives as obstructionist.
  • The biggest IT challenge, as identified by respondents was getting the budget to implement the technology, by 25.2%. But a close second was keeping up with new technology, which garnered a 24.2% response rate.
  • When asked to name all of the tech-related trends that would produce the greatest organizational productivity, three were extremely close: Mobility – 42.6%; Analytics – 40.8%; and Cloud – 39.0%.

Up in the cloud

  • The report asked respondents to describe their organization’s current use of cloud computing resources. A full 72.2% said their organizations were either experimenting or had already had successful deployments. In 2013, that number was 55.8%
  • When it comes to which functions are most closely aligned with cloud solutions, the report finds that financials and accounting are the largest group identified as “already cloud-based” at 30.7%.

Advocating analytics

  • In a simple Yes/No/Don’t know response to the question of whether their company was using business analytics, Yes – 65.2%; No – 22.4%; Don’t know – 12.4%
  • Yet, when they were asked to describe the quality of data within their organization, only 12% indicated that their data was ready for broad analytics use. A whopping 81% felt their data either needed structure, cleansing, or was too fragmented.

Mobile matters

  • According to respondents, social business and mobile have real potential to disrupt parts of their business. 58.4% took a positive view of this, indicating that it could be transformative or would give them a competitive advantage. 25% felt that there would be no impact at all.
  • The real value of social/mobile platforms for customer interactions was real-time communication at 38.6%. That significantly beats out the second-rated response at 18.6% for automation in customer response/relations processes.

For more fascinating stats and the methodology used, please download the full Deloitte report here.

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