New Corcentric Free Webinar! Breaking Down Resistance to E-invoicing

Corcentric September Webinar 2015

As more companies turn to e-invoicing, a huge barrier to success is supplier resistance. Discover how to break down those barriers, as well as any internal resistance.

According to the 2014 Invoice & Workflow Automation Report from PayStream Advisors, 30% of AP respondents surveyed indicated that their goal was to have at least 50% of the invoices they received submitted as e-invoices. Yet another 1/3 said they had no specific e-invoice automation goals. AP professionals understand the benefits that e-invoicing and AP automation provide, including increased efficiency, lower costs, error reduction, faster settlement, better cash flow forecasting, and more.

So where’s the hiccup?

According to another PayStream Advisors report, the Invoice Management Report 2015, the persistent barriers to AP automation and e-invoicing are often due to the ongoing struggle of low supplier participation. Whether that’s due to misperception or resistance to change on the part of the supplier, the end result is the same: AP departments that want to automate their invoice approval workflow are left with paper invoices still coming in from non-participating suppliers.

Corcentric wants to help AP answer those supplier concerns and ease the fears that those suppliers often express. And, acknowledging that resistance can also come from organizational barriers, Rob DeVincent, Corcentric’s Vice President of Product Marketing and a highly regarded expert and speaker on accounts payable automation, will present a free one-hour live Webinar, Break Down Barriers to E-invoicing Success,” which will take place Thursday, September 17, 2015 at 2:00 PM ET/11:00 AM PT. During this Webinar, DeVincent will address the main points of resistance AP departments may confront. More important, he will provide the responses that soothe those concerns. As part of the presentation, he will also detail the six supplier-focused strategies that you can use in your own conversations with your vendor base.

Join Rob DeVincent as he walks you through the steps of ensuring participation from vendors and those within your enterprise. As an added bonus, DeVincent will divulge some important AP insider tips to make your AP department more efficient and productive. The presentation will also be immediately followed by a demo of Corcentric’s COR360 AP automation solution.

Sign up today and discover how to get your suppliers and internal resistors to say, “Yes, I will” when asked to transition to e-invoicing.

Jim Wright

About Jim Wright

Jim Wright is Corcentric’s National Account Manager. With over 15 years of consultative sales experience in the area of Accounts Payable Automation, Jim is responsible for building the client base for accounts payable solution, COR360™ and helping move clients’ current AP process to the next level. Jim previously worked for Achieve Systems, Ariba and Ceridian.

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