New Technology Diminishes the “Breakdown Blues”

AmeriQuest Road Rescue fleet breakdown service uses technology to take the guesswork out of breakdowns.

Vehicle breakdowns are inevitable, regardless of how well a fleet is maintained. When it occurs, it can delay deliveries and create conflict with customers. This is often the result of the fleet manager not being able to provide the customer with the specifics of an incident. That has all changed.

AmeriQuest Road Rescue’s new vehicle data platform enables fleets to trace the roots of mechanical failures, gather a full picture of each incident, expedite additional response if needed, and identify possible future trends. This new electronic recordkeeping and reporting system provides up-to the minute data and analytics to customers who want a better way to keep track of the maintenance costs and other details, as the events occur,

One of AmeriQuest Road Rescue’s customers, Rodney Franklin, Director of Maintenance for the national trucking company RRR Transportation Co. based in Calhoun, GA, appreciates the program. “From the moment Road Rescue is contacted, we begin receiving instant information. This could be a picture of a damaged tire or a delivery receipt or information on replacement parts that are needed. Road Rescue enters the information – including a timeline of events and VMRS [Vehicle Maintenance Reporting Standards] codes –and we see it immediately.

“This enables us to notify on-call personnel if additional help is needed and keep precise records of the breakdowns, even if the driver neglects to bring all the paperwork back to us. We can also go back and review breakdowns, causes, and ways we can prevent them in the future,” Franklin explained.

This is a huge leap forward in the ability to service customers and get trucks back on the road. We’ve been offering 24/7breakdown service availability, thousands of service centers nationwide, and a state-of-the-art call center for a few years now, but this new technology allows us to do so much more. All of the information and data is accessible on any computer or mobile device so our customers are kept informed every step of the way, no matter where they are. The ability to give and get information in real time has been a real game-changer.

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