How New Technology Will Impact GHG Rules

Greenhouse Gas Regulations (GHG)

Unlike the first phase of greenhouse-gas (GHG) regulations that looked primarily at tractor engines, the next round will take new technologies into consideration.

You would be hard pressed to find anyone who didn’t feel that reducing greenhouse-gas emissions and increasing fuel efficiency was absolutely essential. But how to get there has always been the issue. The first phase of regulations focused on the tractor engine, but as Arvon Mitcham, an EPA project manager, told attendees at a session of the Technology & Maintenance Council’s annual conference that the next phase for medium- and heavy-duty trucks, which would affect model years after 2018, will look at new technologies as well.

The National Research Council (NRC) agrees. An April 3 article on  covers the Council’s latest report on the topic which, among other things, recommends that whenever a combination of technologies is considered, the Agency should evaluate the interactions between those technologies for the effect they would have on projected incremental reductions. The Council also recommended that the Phase II regulations take into consideration the low-rolling resistance standard for new tractor-trailer tires, as well as performance standards for new, 53-ft. and longer van and reefer trailers.

For more information on the report, read the full article.

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