Safety First…Truck Drivers Safer Than Car Drivers

By October 16, 2014News

A new national poll, conducted for the American Trucking Association (ATA), contains some interesting statistics.

A national poll, conducted late last month, measured people’s opinions on a number of issues that are of special significance to our industry. One of the results is discouraging but not surprising. Although we all know that the condition of our highways and bridges is pretty dismal, nobody wants to pay for it. Of those questioned, 71% felt our infrastructure was either ‘Only Fair’ or ‘Poor.’ But when given a number of ways to fund repairs, including raising taxes, tolls, or registration fees, anywhere between 62% and 76% ‘Totally Oppose’ all of them.

Now for the good news, and it reflects well on the industry and on our drivers.

  • 80% believe truck drivers are safer than passenger car drivers
  • Only 7% believe that truck drivers drive less safely than car drivers (this includes tailgating, improperly changing lanes, and driving aggressively.)
  • 90% believe that those who drive cars are more likely to speed than truck drivers
  • 74% felt that when an accident occurs between a truck and car, it’s much more likely for a car driver to be at fault.

To see additional statistics, check out the full survey.

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