The Top 10 Trucking Headlines for 2014 lists the Top 10 stories for 2014 and the issue that gets the most play should come as no surprise

It’s been a year of highs and lows for the trucking industry. Back in January of 2014, no one could have foreseen the stunning drop in fuel prices by the end of the year, but regulatory issues are still a major burden for carriers. compiled a list of the top ten stories for 2014 and leading the pack as the major issue is driver shortage. This issue, something most of us in the industry are constantly facing, claimed three out of the ten stories featured.

So what are some of the big trucking stories of 2014, according to

Major Transformation Ahead for Transportation – Analysts say that this transformation will be involve everything from increased regulatory oversight to demands for more “paperless” processes, including the transmission of shipping information and electronic invoicing.

Seeking Solutions to the Driver Shortage/New Solutions Being Aimed at Driver Shortage/Deploying New Tactics for Finding and Keeping Drivers – These three stories all deal with the truly troubling lack of skilled drivers, especially younger drivers to replace a rapidly aging demographic. It’s clear that the old ways of recruiting and retention aren’t working and no one has yet found the silver bullet to solve this problem.

Platooning Trucks: A Virtual Reality – Vehicle-to-vehicle technology could be a major boon for trucking, creating a virtual ‘road train’ of trucks “operating on a highway in close proximity…one following after another at a pre-set distance via radar and wireless communication.” This could improve safety and fuel efficiency and reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

Read all of the top ten stories here.

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